Lamar Buffalo Ranch.

Located in Yellowstone's scenic Lamar Valley and far from other development, the historic Lamar Buffalo Ranch Field Campus offers comfortable lodging in an historic wilderness setting. You'll enjoy a log cabin with a propane heater, a bathhouse with private showers, and a common building with a fully equipped kitchen where you'll prepare your own meals. Participants share space in log cabins that include three single beds, a propane heater and reading lights. The cabins do not have electrical outlets or plumbing. Unless your program includes meals and bedding, participants are expected to bring a sleeping bag and pillow and prepare their own meals in the fully equipped kitchen.

Facility Information

Vehicles: Please park only in recommended areas and do not drive or park near the cabins. If you store food in your vehicle, do so only in mouse-proof containers.

Cabins: We hope you find the sleeping cabins rustic yet comfortable. A bathhouse with showers and toilets is located near the cabins. Please do not eat or leave food in the cabins, as it attracts mice, ground squirrels and has the potential to attract larger animals as well. Stoves, lanterns, or heaters can not be used in or around the cabins.

Smoking: Smoking is your choice, but is prohibited in cabins, buildings, or Institute vehicles.

Animals: Service animals are permitted. Please inquire when you register.

Phone: The phone in the bunkhouse kitchen is the only public phone available during your stay. Please use a calling card if you need to dial long-distance. The number here is 307-344-7749. The phone is available 24 hours a day.

Store: The Institute Park Store store does not have regular hours, but is opened by request for course participants. It carries a good selection of books, clothing and hats.

The Bunkhouse: This is the center of activity, housing two classrooms, the kitchen area, and two bathrooms. There is also a separate, heated bathhouse with showers and rest rooms. The kitchen is a community area where participants gather each morning and evening and prepare their own food in the fully equipped kitchen. We suggest simple meals that can be prepared quickly and easily. The kitchen includes two gas ranges, a microwave, a toaster, and all of the pots and pans, dishes, cooking and eating utensils you will need. We also have three refrigerators and plenty of storage space for non-perishables. The Institute provides spices and hot beverages at each meal, and there is always a pot of hot coffee available for early risers! The bunkhouse is open at all times for phone and restroom use, or a midnight snack. 

Quiet Time: Please be sensitive to activities of yours that may disturb people's quiet time after 10:00 p.m.


Shared cabins are $36 per person per night. Early reservations are advised. We will do our best to accommodate special requests for couple cabins, however this option cannot be guaranteed in advance of your course.

Shared cabins are $36 per person per night. Private cabins for 1 to 2 people are $85 per night on a space available basis. You may also rent a sleeping bag and pillow for $20.  

Additional Information

If you are participating in a course based at the Buffalo Ranch, but prefer alternative accommodations, National Park Service campgrounds and park hotels are nearby. Camping is available in the National Park Service campgrounds at Slough Creek (7 miles west) and Pebble Creek (9 miles east). Sites at these campgrounds are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are generally open late May to October. (The National Park Service does not allow camping at the Buffalo Ranch itself). Lodging within the park is available at Mammoth Hot Springs (29 miles west), Roosevelt (11 miles west), Canyon (30 miles southwest), and other locations. Space is limited and reservations should be made as soon as possible through Xanterra Parks & Resorts at 307-344-7311. 


The Lamar Buffalo Ranch is located in Yellowstone’s northeast corner, in the heart of the Lamar Valley. The Buffalo Ranch is approximately 11 miles east of Tower Junction and 17 miles west of the Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone.

In winter, the only route to the Lamar Buffalo Ranch is via the North Entrance to Yellowstone at Gardiner, Montana. All other routes are closed to automobile traffic from approximately November to April.